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REVEALED: America’s Most Expensive Weekend Getaway – and It Isn’t New York 

Updated September 15, 2023

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  • Boston ranks as the most expensive getaway in America, setting an average couple back over $1,400 for a weekend
  • New York trails closely behind at $1,291, with San Diego securing third place at $1,231 for a weekend
  • Seattle, Denver and Long Beach also make the top 10

New research has identified Boston as America’s most expensive weekend getaway destination.


Travel information site, Scott and Yanling, analyzed the 50 most-populated American cities to determine the average getaway cost for two people. After collecting data for hotels, public transport, taxi rides, theatre tickets, cinema tickets, alcoholic beverages, and lunchtime and dinnertime menus, the data combined each cost to reveal the most expensive weekend getaways in the country.



 Most Expensive Weekend Getaways Table

Boston takes the top spot as the priciest weekend escape in the United States, setting an average couple back more than $1,400. With visitors expected to fork out up to $345 per night, the city becomes a top contender for the most lavish getaway experience.


The renowned New York City, known for its excessive living costs, comes in second place, with an average weekend getaway costing around $1,291. This exciting twist of events reveals that Boston's ascent to the top spot proves that high expenses are no longer unique to the Big Apple.


Following closely behind, the sunny coastal city of San Diego claims the third spot with an estimated total of $1,231. With the average beer costing over $10, San Diego's charm certainly comes at a considerable cost, reinforcing its reputation as an attractive yet expensive destination.


San Francisco is often considered a bucket-list spot, but at $1206 for a weekend, it can be a pricey escape for travelers seeking the ultimate West Coast experience. Especially, with theatre tickets costing up to $185 per person.


The same weekend break will set you back a staggering $1,153 in Seattle, $1,106 in Denver and $1,099 in Long Beach – with accommodation costs bringing up the total price.


The nation’s capital, Washington D.C., secures the eighth spot with an average weekend getaway setting visitors back $1,096. With a mid-range meal costing over $100 per couple, the city offers a taste of its historic splendor at a cost.


The glamorous and star-studded Los Angeles also shares a final place with Chicago, with each city boasting an average weekend cost of $1,070.


Scott Sidders, from Scott and Yanling: "Weekend getaways can save time and add convenience to your trip."


“To secure the best possible deals and avoid surging prices during peak periods, meticulous planning in advance is key. Embracing flexibility by choosing different weekdays can also work in your favor, which unlocks more affordable accommodation and entertainment options, ultimately providing an enriching experience without breaking the bank."


This information was provided by Scott and Yanling, the go-to place for travel information, guides, and much more. 



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Sources: United States Census Bureau, Kayak, Expatistan and Numbeo

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