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REVEALED: America’s Top 10 Budget-Friendly Cities for Weekend Getaways

Updated September 15, 2023

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  • Wichita takes the crown as the most budget-friendly destination in the country, at $519 for a weekend trip for two people 
  • Tulsa secures second place at $606, with Fresno ranking third at $661 
  • Cities including Memphis, Columbus and El Paso also make the top ten 

New research has revealed Wichita is the ultimate wallet-friendly weekend getaway destination in America. 


Travel information site Scott and Yanling analyzed the 50 most-populated American cities to determine the average getaway cost for two people. After collecting data for hotels, public transport, taxi rides, theatre tickets, cinema tickets, alcoholic beverages, and lunchtime and dinnertime menus, the data combined each cost to reveal the most budget-friendly weekend getaways in the country.



Most Budget-Friendly Weekend Getaways Table

Wichita reigns as the cheapest weekend escape in the United States, costing an average couple back $519. Here, you can even catch a theatre performance for as little as $21 or grab a pint for $4. With affordable hotels, public transport, and reasonably priced dining options, Wichita ensures a delightful yet economical getaway. 


Tulsa confidently secures the second spot with an average weekend cost of just $606, promising travelers an incredibly affordable city escape. Reserve comfortable accommodations starting at only $117 per night, and indulge in a basic lunchtime menu, complete with a drink, for as little as $12 each. 


Fresno lists as the third most budget-friendly city, offering a delightful weekend escape for $661. Despite being in California, Fresno keeps costs low with budget-friendly options, so you can explore attractions from Chaffee Zoo to the County Blossom trail.  


At the impressive fourth spot, Memphis invites travelers to a weekend getaway priced at just $671. Here, you can immerse yourself in the city's vibrant music scene and savor a delightful three-course menu for as little as $30 per person. 


The same weekend break will set you back a shocking $685 in Oklahoma, $693 in Fort Worth and $697 in Tucson – with accommodation costs bringing down the total price.  


Columbus ranks in eighth place at $708 for a weekend getaway, where visitors can treat themselves to a theatre experience with bargain-priced tickets at just $35 each. 


Indianapolis also presents an affordable escape at $732. With flexible access to a range of public transport options, you can explore all the sights of the city for under $2 per trip.  


Finally, El Paso rounds up the top ten, with a weekend that offers a fantastic mix of culture and cuisine for a reasonable $754. In El Paso, you can skip public transport and rent a cab for as little as $2.90 per mile. 


Scott Sidders, from Scott and Yanling, has commented on the findings “Budget-conscious travelers encounter many challenges when planning trips, as they always aim to make the most of their money.”  


“Thankfully, there are plenty of wonderful, affordable cities that offer a wealth of opportunities, from scoring the best theatre tickets to enjoying a delightful three-course meal, all at a budget-friendly price. It's truly encouraging to witness cities like Wichita and Memphis providing travelers with the chance to explore captivating and fascinating places without costing a fortune.”   


This information was provided by Scott and Yanling, the go-to place for travel information, guides, and much more.  




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Sources: United States Census Bureau, Kayak, Expatistan and Numbeo 

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