Best Family-Friendly Destinations in Thailand

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There is no surprise that Thailand is actually the favorite holiday destination of many people around the world. It is great for all, including friends, couples, or families, as there are numerous best family-friendly destinations in Thailand from the ancient artifacts to the ecstatic beaches, nightlife, wildlife to its exquisite cuisine.

Thailand is budget-friendly and luxurious as well where you will see beautiful mountains and islands on the southern side and prolific jungles on the northern side. Bangkok is the country's capital where most of the international flights land, whereas Chiang Mai, is the biggest city in Thailand.

To know more about this fascinating place, read the rest of our blog below.

All about Thailand


Thailand historically officially called; the "Kingdom of Thailand" is a Southeast Asian country situated in the heart of the "Indochinese Peninsula" with almost 70 million of population. Thailand is the 50th largest country by totaling its land area up to 513,120 sq. kilometers, which makes it slightly bigger than Spain and smaller than Yemen.

Thailand consists of various geographic regions including the "Thai highlands" (mountainous area) which lies in the northern side of the country with so many other world's best family-friendly destinations in Thailand.
In addition, Thailand's climate is divided into three seasons, which are highly affected by monsoon winds.

History and Culture

Before traveling to Thailand, it is good to know about its history and culture also. Like in the early 20th century, the Thai people built their separate states with the "Ayutthaya Kingdom" when in the 19th and 20th centuries powerful European colonies endangered the country. However, Thailand was the only country that successfully escaped Colonial rule.

Thailand's culture and its religion are highly influenced by India, the Khmer Empire, and the Kingdom of Funan. Nevertheless, Thailand's culture has greatly changed over the years affected by the Asian culture, with the partial influence of Chinese, Burmese, and other Southeast Asian countries as well. Animism, Buddhism, and Westernization also play an important role in forming the modernized culture of Thailand.

Tourism in Thailand

Tourism is considered as the main aspect, which majorly contributes to the economy of the country along with presenting countless best family-friendly destinations in Thailand. Well, Thailand's tourism grows with each passing year by welcoming millions of visitors from around the world, which makes the country earn up to billions to trillions of baht.

People from both Asian and Western countries visit this spectacular place, among which around 60% of them are return tourists. So, if you are planning to have a heavenly experience of your life here then let us inform you that December to February is regarded as the peak period of tourism. In addition, if you are coming with your family then you do not need to worry about what and which place to visit, as there are plenty of the best family-friendly destinations in Thailand.

There is really something about this place, which cannot stop people from coming repeatedly here from almost every corner of the world. Whether it is the prices, cheap hotels, mouth-watering food, serene islands, the opportunity of traveling around different places, and everything else that makes the country so popular.

10 best family-friendly destinations in Thailand

Thailand has all those elements, which make it an ideal holiday destination for families like its diverse nature, beautiful beaches, friendly Thai people, stirring attractions, feasible transportation, and many more.

You may have heard that Thailand is well known for its bewildering islands and coastlines. In the world, the beaches of Thailand have been ranked among the best because of their white sands, startling views, and deep blue color waters.
Then, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Thailand and have a wonderful time there, as the country is full of family-friendly resorts and activities, which will make you have an unforgettable time with your close ones.

So, pack your bags and get ready to explore all those islands, beaches, and other various best family-friendly destinations in Thailand, which you have only heard about or read about on the internet. However, while planning your trip to Thailand, it is important to search for some destinations that are appropriate for families. Do you want to know more about such places? Then check our list of the 10 best family-friendly destinations in Thailand.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, known as the hub for mountains is a brilliant place to visit with your family. Here you can relax in the calm atmosphere and have a great deal of fun and activities that is appropriate for all age groups. In Chiang Mai, you can visit zoos, museums, cooking schools, and local markets, the countryside in its surroundings will offer you rafting, trekking, elephant sanctuaries, zip-lining, and much more.


Bangkok is full of hustle and bustle with countless exciting options to discover. In addition, the best part is you can do numerous activities that are family-friendly, including snake farms, theme parks, indoor playgrounds, and museums.
Sometimes, just a handful of experiences creates the best memories which leave a soothing impact on both your mind and heart that can be made by some small kind of activities also. For instance, whether it is exploring a local market, trying a hands-on new type of cuisine, or just playing in different green parks of Bangkok, can create the greatest of memories.


Pai is a great destination if you are looking for a family holiday in Thailand, where you can meet a prosperous community of migrant families and local Thais. Here you can do a bunch of different things like visiting a circus training school, enjoying a large variety of food, and going rafting or jungle trekking.

You can easily make it to Pai by driving, for that; you have to rent a car in Chiang Mai. Moreover, Chiang Dao is another place where you can explore great temples and caves as well.


Thailand's one of the most famous destinations is Phuket where you can visit stunning beaches, beautiful aquariums, and old town and can do horseback riding. Phuket has various amazing things in its kitty, such as most of the resorts here offer babysitting services and clubs made for children, especially so that parents can indulge them in recreational activities as well.

You can easily reach Phuket from anywhere in Thailand and is reachable through direct flights from various other countries as well without any nuisance.


Krabi is one of the best family-friendly destinations in Thailand where you can see luxuriant islands and alluring beaches with your loved ones. So, if you and your family are seaside lovers then this place is a great choice for you.
What else? Here you can visit islands like Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta by boat, enjoy on Ao Nang beaches and Railay's sandy shores. Moreover, Ao Nam Mao Outdoor Aquarium is an awesome place if you want to learn in-depth about the underwater world.

You can say Krabi is a top-notch destination and a perfect place to relax for those who are mad about beaches. You will not only find Thailand's best beaches here but also a tremendous spot for snorkeling through which you will be able to experience the breathtaking underwater world.

Other than this, there are a number of options in the surrounding area of Krabi if you are looking for exciting day trips to waterfalls, national parks, elephant sanctuaries and there is a rock-climbing opportunity for older kids in some of the world's amazing climbing spots.

Koh Samui

Koh Samui is one of the most desired holiday destinations for a family like the majority of its resorts offer kids' programs and many other activities suitable for families only.

Furthermore, you can also take a tour of the picturesque jungle waterfalls right in the middle of Koh Samui.
You can easily reach Koh Samui with your family and here you will explore everything you may desire to see on an island. If you and your kids are animal lovers and for example, willing to do something different after reaching there, then for a day, you can spend a good time with some furry cute fellows by being a volunteer at the animal rescue center.

Prachuap Khiri Khan

The following destination situated between Bangkok and southern Thailand is famously known for "Hua Hin" (referred to as a seaside town) with plenty of restaurant options and accommodations. Moreover, both old and young people can easily have a fun time at the "Black Mountain Water Park" and "Vana Nava Hua Hin"

After exploring this, you may wonder what to do next, and then make sure to visit "Khao Sam Roi Yod National Park" by taking a boat and looking at the ambiance of caves or join a safari to spot a herd of elephants at the "Kui Buri National Park". Well, there is a 99% chance of seeing wild elephants, which surely can be an exciting and amazing experience for both adults and children.

Koh Chang

If you want to lie down and just relax on a beach, then you must visit Koh Chang, which is a renowned destination especially for families and backpackers. Here all options for accommodation remain available varying from luxurious and dreamy resorts to inexpensive bungalows.

Overall, this place offers an authentic and good fun time for families including snorkeling, swimming, discovering eye-catching waterfalls, and building amazing sandcastles.

Koh Mak is a neighboring destination of Koh Chang; it is relatively smaller and has a peaceful atmosphere. Here you can do snorkeling, roam on attractive beaches, and enjoy the serenity of nature by taking a boat. In addition, Koh Kood also known as Koh Kut is an undeveloped and blissful island, which is an ideal destination for families. There you can do many activities including snorkeling, kayaking, hiking through which you can explore the serene beauty of forests. You can also try the delicious fresh seafood as well as at Ao Salat you can communicate with the local sea community members.

Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai is a perfect family destination and especially a great place for those who love doing something adventurous and out of the box. There are countless chances for meeting tribes/groups living on hills and offers a great opportunity for jungle trekking.

Both adults and children can explore the shining Blue Temple "Wat Rong Seua Ten" White Temple "Wat Rong Khun", and the Black House "Baan Dam". Moreover, you can stay in an endearing or homely guesthouse and make your kids learn about the Thai way of living.

During your stay at Chiang Rai, do not forget to visit the Golden Triangle and stand at the location from where you will be able to see the connecting point of Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand. Then set out your journey further towards exploring erupting geysers and hot springs.


Last but not the least, both Pattaya and Sattahip are amazing destinations for family getaways. Especially, in Pattaya, there are plenty of family-oriented resorts, with a great variety of activities for kids like water parks. For instance, the Underwater World Pattaya is a worthy place to visit as it mainly focuses on marine life education for kids.

You can also head towards the very peaceful and breathtaking "Sai Kaew Beach" located in Sattahip just in case you found beaches too bustling. Sattahip has scenic mountains in the backdrop, so many trees under which you can sit down and relax.


Hopefully, we have provided you with enough fun ideas to see and do in Thailand. We want to wish you the best on your journey and remember to take lots of pictures!

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