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This webpage contains affiliate links. If you choose to make a purchase through our link, we receive a commission at no extra cost to you. is a one-stop travel shop for any trip imaginable with its rich collection of global destinations! From luxurious hotels and exciting adventures abroad to affordable family vacations at home, has got you covered no matter what type or length your journey may be. was founded in 2003 with a motto of "Your trusted trip companion." The Chinese multinational company, originally named Ctrip, is now based and incorporated in Singapore as Group.

Originally known as one of the first online travel agencies (OTA), it quickly became recognized as an innovator in the travel industry. Over time, has developed into a trusted source for information on travel deals, destinations, routes, and more!

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With more than 1.4 million hotels offered in 200 countries and regions, they've built an extensive hotel network to give their customers a fantastic choice of accommodation when they need it most! In addition, all their customers are covered by 24/7 customer service from start till finish which means you won't ever worry about what might happen next while traveling internationally - just let somebody else handle everything so you can enjoy your vacation.

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It is also the parent company of many people's favorite flight deal finder website - Skyscanner. Skyscanner is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to find flights. It searches in real-time and finds you the best deal across countless websites for your requested route (or multiple routes if needed). All in a simple, clean, and easy-to-use interface with no hidden fees! Let's look at some of the pros and cons of using in detail:

Pros Of

Booking vacations online

1. website's website is straightforward to use, which makes it easy for users to find the information they need quickly. A buyer can search by destination, price range, and more. For example, when searching for the most affordable hotel in Paris, France, or anywhere else in the world - it displays all budget hotels with pictures and reviews to help you make an informed decision.

Their website is available in English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, and many other languages with the hope of becoming more accessible to a broader audience. The information provided is always up-to-date, and the website itself is quick to load (no annoying ads or videos).

2. Extensive hotel and flight network

Booking flights on a laptop with model airplane on a map has a network of more than 1.4 million hotels and resorts around the world! Customers don't have to worry about whether they're going to get good service, be safe, or whether it will match their taste because offers a wide selection at a great price.

Their search engine is very advanced and can filter out hotels based on specific preferences, making it easy to find what you need quickly. With information on thousands of airlines and 1.4 million hotels worldwide, is your best choice for any trip you might be planning!

3. Responsive to Negative Feedback

Asian Businesswoman working in the office late at night has a lot of negative reviews on the internet - and they're not all fake reviews. As with any business, some customers might not be satisfied with the services. However, has been quick to respond to these complaints and implement changes that will keep more customers happy in the future!

4. Personalized Customer Service

Businesswoman helping an assistant complete work on his computer

In most of the customer reviews on the internet, most of their customers have mentioned customer care staff by their names. This shows that their customer care representatives have taken the time to develop a personal connection with the customers, so they feel attended to from the start till finish. Even though this is subtle, it makes a difference when a business shows a more personal touch, and that's why people keep coming back!

5. Globally Recognized

Business people shaking hands with map of the globe in the background has been around for a long time and has built trust with it's returning customers over the long run. This company is well-known and while no company is perfect, standing the test of time is a major positive when compared to 'fly-by night' businesses that show up out of nowhere, rip people off, and disappear just as fast. is also a public company on the Hong Kong stock market (HKEX: 9961) and US stock market traded on the NASDAQ as TCOM. Therefore, since the company is accountable to public shareholders, the law, media, and public perception, you can trust that this is a legitimate business working hard to serve your needs.

Cons Of

24/7 Customer Support online chat and call center concept

1. Customer Service's customer service team is available 24/7 to all customers via their contact page or Live Chat function on their site. They've also got a "Contact Us" page to help customers find the local phone number for their home country. However, most of the negative reviews on the internet claim that they've had difficulty reaching customer service representatives or doing an online chat. If you're planning on using their services to book a hotel or flight, make sure you have all your information ready to decrease the time they'll need to spend answering your questions and doing research. Another tip is to use the online chat for quicker service. If you plan to call, be prepared to wait on hold and have something to do while you wait so you can remain patient.

2. Difficult Cancellations

Tourist Checking Flight Departures at Barcelona International Airport

Some customers have claimed that cancelled their flight, and they had no option but to pay the latest and a much higher price at the moment to board the flight. This was most likely an airline issue, but as the brand interacts with the customer, can take the brunt of these frustrating experiences. There are many similar customer complaints, so if you do choose to book with - understand the risks and consider purchasing trip insurance just in case!

3. Inaccurate Photos

Luxurious villa with private infinity pool and chaise lounges at summer in dusk.'s photos for hotels are very nice, but people claim they're not always accurate. It's claimed that resorts or hotels have been modified from their original state into a more attractive one before being shown to the general public. In some cases, allegedly rooms have been minimized or taken out of the photos entirely just to focus on a certain part. In most cases, customers have been satisfied with's hotels - but if you're looking for an accurate representation of what you're going to get - maybe try Google Images instead to see if this is still happening.

Conclusion about

Travel agent smiling from her desk with map of the globe behind her is a fantastic service, and it's got great deals on hotels and flights! All their customer care representatives are very friendly and they're always ready to help you with anything you might need.
If you book through, make sure to keep the negatives in mind so that your transaction goes smoothly, and think about purchasing trip insurance just in case - this will keep you and your money safe and secure. These are some of the pros and cons of using as an online service provider for booking your next vacation.

We use, and we have had a smooth experience so far, and if the company didn't do a good job, it wouldn't have grown so successful, so take the negatives with a grain of salt and give them a try! And we aren't afraid to shoot down a service provider if we detect something amiss as you can see in this post here. If you prefer working with a different service provider, Expedia and are both good options as well.

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