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Swena Kalra

Swena Kalra

Swena Kalra is a passionate and ambitious adventurer, traveler, writer, and entrepreneur. With 5+ years of successful writing experience under her belt, she had the insight to launch – an adventure travel company that specializes in custom-made treks and expeditions. She has also kept up writing blogs about travel, business, finance, lifestyle, and more.

In addition to running her business and blogging, Swena loves reading books, exploring different countries and cultures, watching movies, playing with dogs and cats, learning about investing and business, and meeting new people every day – her passions are truly endless! Her zest for life fuels her creative drive as well as a dedication to helping others discover their own paths of exploration. 

A true believer in taking risks and maintaining a positive outlook no matter what life throws her way, Swena strives to make each journey even more thrilling than the previous one. An optimistic traveler on a never-ending quest to find experiences that will stir the soul; Swena's life motto is "Live and Let Live!"

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