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The Hottest Spots to Visit in Singapore (With 21 Activity Ideas for Your Vacation!)

By: Swena Kalra

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Updated on November 5, 2023

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With its stunning skyline, diverse culture, and delicious food, Singapore is one of Asia's most popular travel destinations. From the towering skyscrapers of the Central Business District to the lush green gardens of Chinatown and Little India, there's something for everyone in this vibrant city-state. And with a wealth of restaurants, bars, and nightlife options, Singapore is also a great place to let loose and have some fun.

If you're looking for the hottest places to visit in Singapore, here are some of the best spots to check out:

Top 10 Attractions & Things To Do in Singapore

1. Visit Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore at sunset

The Marina Bay Sands resort complex is a high-end luxury hotel, mall, and art museum with an observation deck that offers a great view of the entire city. The Skypark's viewing deck and infinity pool are located on the top of the hotel in a ship-like structure, and only hotel guests are allowed to use the pool. However, anyone can visit the observation deck to see the city's skyline, the double helix bridge, the port, and the Gardens by the Bay.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel Infinity Pool

It is an iconic hotel located in the heart of Singapore's downtown district. Guests can enjoy a meal or a cup of coffee at the rooftop restaurant or pick up a souvenir from the gift shop. Alternatively, they can purchase a photo of themselves in front of the hotel at night; however, it'll cost you 50 Singapore dollars. The Marina Bay Sands embodies Singapore's status as a major city in Southeast Asia and is definitely a sight to behold.


2. Ride the Singapore Flyer

View of Singapore's Marina Bay with the Singapore Flyer in focus

The Singapore Flyer is the world's largest giant observation wheel. It offers high tea while overlooking the cityscape. There are different packages to choose from to be served with a view that encompasses not only the Singapore skyline but also Malaysia's Straits of Johor and the Spice Islands of Indonesia.
The Singapore Flyer is more than just a Ferris wheel - it's an experience that takes you on a journey through Singapore's history and culture. The Journey of Dreams exhibit is included in all ticket packages, and it explores how the city was founded and how the Flyer came to be.

Singapore skyline at night view from the Garden by the bay

Flights on the Singapore Flyer last for 30 minutes, and they operate from early in the morning until late at night. This allows you to choose whether you want to see the city during the day or at night. Either way, you'll be treated to stunning views of Singapore that you won't forget any time soon.

3. Take a stroll through Gardens by the Bay

View of Supertree Grove in Gardens by the Bay from Marina Bay Sands SkyPark Observation Deck

The gardens are a beautiful sight to behold and offer a wonderful escape from the city's bustle. The Bay East Garden is perfect for enjoying the vibrant plant life and escaping the city bustle for a moment. The Supertree Grove is where you'll find a cluster of iconic, futuristic structures designed to perform environmentally sustainable functions. The Cloud Forest Dome is home to the world's tallest indoor waterfall and is a great place to learn about biodiversity. You can also take a leisurely stroll through the Heritage Gardens to learn about Singapore's different ethnic communities.

Singapore Skyline from Gardens By the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is more than just a pretty face - it's an educational experience that will teach you about the importance of environmental conservation. It's also a great place to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family.

4. Visit Sentosa Island

Cable Cars in Sentosa

Sentosa Island is a great place to visit if you're looking for some fun in the sun. The Siloso Beach is a great spot to relax and enjoy the ocean views, and free volleyball courts and kayaking facilities are also available. If you're looking for something more adventurous, you can try out the SeaBreeze Water-Sports @ Wave House, where you can fly strapped to a water-propelled jet pack. Finally, don't forget to check out the famous Merlion statue on the island!

5. Explore Chinatown

Tourists shopping tour in Chinatown, Singapore

Chinatown is a great place to learn about Singapore's Chinese heritage. You can stroll through the narrow streets, admire the traditional architecture, or visit the Chinatown Heritage Centre to learn about the area's history. Also, be sure to stop by the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple (more on this next) and try some delicious Chinese food while you're in the area!

6. Check Out the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

Buddha Toothe Relic Temple in Chinatown with Singapore`s business district in the background.

The temple was founded by Venerable Shi Fazhao in 2002 and officially opened on Vesak Day, 31 May 2007. You'll find richly designed interiors and comprehensive exhibits that showcase Buddhist art worldwide. You can also learn about the relic's history and view its impressive collection of artifacts, and the temple also offers daily prayer services and meditation classes.

There are also special events throughout the year, such as Chinese New Year celebrations and Vesak Day festivities. When visiting the temple, dress modestly out of respect for its religious significance. And don't forget to take some photos – it's one of the most photogenic spots in Singapore!

7. Shop at Orchard Road

Traffic on the Orchard Road Shopping Street in Singapore

Orchard Road is a shopper's paradise, and you can find just about anything you're looking for in this bustling area. From high-end designer stores to local boutiques, there's something for everyone. Be sure to bargain with the shopkeepers - it's all part of the fun! The Orchard Road Christmas light-up is a must-see, and it happens every year from November to January.

8. Visit the Singapore Zoo

White Tiger at the Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo bills itself as the best rainforest zoo in the world. This claim is well supported by what visitors can see there. The animal enclosures are clean and spacious, and the animals appear well-cared for. Some highlights include the orangutans, who swing high above the ground on their platforms and eat delicious-looking fruit, and the large chimpanzee family. There are also zebras, meerkats, a komodo dragon, mole rats, white tigers, kangaroos, and many other creatures at the Singapore Zoo.

Female Orangutan with a cub at the Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo allows visitors to observe feedings for some of the animals. However, it would take around three hours to make your way around. If you're looking for an even more up-close wildlife experience, consider the Singapore Zoo Breakfast with the Orangutans tour. This tour includes transportation to and from your hotel, allows you half day to explore the zoo, and has an optional upgrade to enjoy breakfast with the orangutans. This is a unique and personal experience that is sure to be memorable.

9. Check out the Night Safari

Side view of hyenas at the Singapore Night Safari

The Night Safari is a must-do for any first-time visitor to Singapore. This unique experience allows you to see nocturnal animals in their natural habitat. You can take a tram ride through the park or go on a walking trail to get up close and personal with the animals. Some of the highlights include tigers, lions, elephants, and leopards. The Night Safari is open from 7:30 pm to midnight, and the last entry is at 11:00 pm.

10. Take a river cruise along the Singapore River

A traditional bumboat on the Singapore River at night

The Singapore River is a great place to take a leisurely cruise and see the city from a different perspective. A few companies offer river cruises, most of which include stops at some of the city's popular attractions. The river cruise is a great way to relax and take in the sights and sounds of Singapore.

11. Visit Pulau Ubin

Green Blue water lagoon in Pulau Ubin Singapore

Pulau Ubin is a small island located off the coast of Singapore. This rustic island is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are no cars on the island, and you can explore the island by bicycle or on foot. There are several small villages to visit, and you can even go on a guided nature walk to learn about the island's flora and fauna. Pulau Ubin is a great place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

12. Explore Little India

Colourful buildings shop and shutters panorama Little India Singapore

Exploring Little India in Singapore is an experience like no other. Its vibrant culture, colorful streets, and rich history make it the perfect place to explore and learn about a different way of life. When you visit Little India, you'll be able to take in the sights and sounds of this unique area. From traditional shops selling spices and herbs to Hindu temples, there's something for everyone. You can also find a variety of restaurants serving delicious Indian cuisine.

Deepavali decorations on Serangoon Road, Little India

Take a stroll through the streets of Little India and soak up the atmosphere. Plenty of street vendors sell souvenirs and trinkets that make great gifts or keepsakes from your trip. You can also find great bargains on clothing, jewelry, and other items at the many shops in the area. There are also plenty of activities to keep you entertained in Little India, such as walking tours around the neighborhood or taking part in traditional festivals such as Deepavali or Thaipusam.

13. Visit the National Gallery Singapore

National Gallery facade front and side in Singapore

Located in the city's heart, this Southeast Asian art museum is the world's largest public display of modern art. The National Gallery Singapore houses over 8,000 works from the 19th and 20th centuries, including pieces from Southeast Asia. With two awe-inspiring national monuments as its backdrop, it's an unforgettable experience.

You can explore the galleries at your own pace or join one of their guided tours to learn more about the artwork on display. There are also plenty of activities for children and families, such as interactive workshops and storytelling sessions. Afterward, take a break at one of their cafes or restaurants. The Courtyard Cafe offers light snacks and refreshments, while National Kitchen by Violet Oon serves traditional Singaporean cuisine.

14. Take a ride on the Singapore Cable Car

Cableway trip in Sentosa Island, Singapore

This cable car line offers spectacular views of the city and harbor, connecting Mount Faber, Sentosa Island, and HarbourFront. Depending on your needs, you can purchase an unlimited Sky Pass or a round-trip pass. The Sky Pass includes access to all three stations and allows you to hop on and off as often as possible. You can also book a combo ticket with dinner at Good Old Days.

Cableway trip in Sentosa Island, Singapore

The cable car is open from 8:45 am to 10 pm, with the last boarding at 9:30 pm. The journey takes about 20 minutes, so bring your camera for stunning photos of the city skyline! For an even more memorable experience, take a sunset ride on the cable car and watch as the sky turns into shades of pink and orange. It's genuinely one of the most beautiful sights in Singapore!

15. Go Shopping at Bugis Street

Bugis street in Singapore

Bugis Street is one of the biggest and cheapest places to go shopping in Singapore. With over 600 shops, you'll find about anything your heart desires. There's something for everyone, from CDs and DVDs to clothes and accessories. The best part about Bugis Street is that it's budget-friendly. Without breaking the bank, you can find great deals on clothes, shoes, bags, and more.

Plus, you can taste local culture while you shop, as many of the vendors are locals who offer unique items that can't be found anywhere else. When visiting Bugis Street, make sure to bring cash, as most vendors don't accept credit cards or other forms of payment. Also, keep an eye out for counterfeit goods, as some vendors may try to pass them off as genuine products.

16. Visit Suntec City

Suntec Fountain of Wealth landmark of Singapore

This world-class shopping, dining, and entertainment complex are located in the Marina Centre of Downtown Core. With its five impressive office towers, a vast shopping mall, an exhibition and conference center, and plenty of other attractions, Suntec City have something for everyone. When you visit Suntec City, you can enjoy various activities such as shopping at the many stores and boutiques or dining at one of the many restaurants. You can also attend events at the convention center or participate in exciting activities like laser tag or bowling. There's even an outdoor theater where you can watch live performances.

17. Spend an Evening at Clarke Quay

Singapore crowds at restaurants bars Clarke Quay illuminated at night

Clarke Quay is a popular riverfront entertainment hub and one of the best places in Singapore to go out at night. The area is always buzzing with life with its colorful riverside bars, pubs, and eateries. There's something for everyone here - from casual bars to upscale nightclubs, the choice is yours. You can also enjoy live music at some venues or participate in interesting themed events like a silent disco party. The food scene here is fantastic, too - from local hawker stalls to Michelin-starred restaurants, you're sure to find something delicious. And when you're done with dinner, take a stroll along the Singapore River for a romantic night out.

18. Watch a Show at the Esplanade

The Esplanade in Singapore aka the Durian

Located on the waterfront, this performing arts center is home to world-class shows and events. From music concerts to theatrical performances, there's something for everyone at the Esplanade. The venue itself is a sight to behold. With its distinctive architecture and stunning views of Marina Bay, it's sure to take your breath away. Inside you'll find two theaters and several other performance spaces, all equipped with state-of-the-art sound systems and lighting. Check out their website for upcoming shows and events when planning your visit. You can also purchase tickets online or at the box office. Once you've secured your seat, get ready to be entertained by some of the best performers in Singapore!

19. Visit the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Aerial drone shot of Singapore Botanic Gardens

Established in 1859, this tropical garden is located at the fringe of the Orchard Road shopping district and is one of three gardens to be honored as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Singapore Botanic Gardens offers something for everyone. Whether you're looking to relax and take in the stunning verdant landscape or explore the National Orchid Garden, there's something for everyone. You can also visit the Learning Forest, which features interactive displays and activities that teach visitors about biodiversity and conservation. If you're looking for a unique cultural experience, check out the Singapore Botanic Gardens Bandstand. This popular attraction hosts regular concerts featuring local musicians and performers worldwide.

20. Explore the Art Galleries at Gillman Barracks

This vibrant enclave is home to some of the city's best contemporary art galleries. From FOST Gallery to Mizuma Gallery and Mucciaccia Gallery, there's something for everyone here. Take a stroll through the galleries and explore the works of renowned international artists. You can also participate in special events and pop-ups throughout the year or enjoy discounts on Omni-Theatre shows. And if you get hungry along the way, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes to choose from. Gillman Barracks is a great place to spend an afternoon or evening exploring Singapore's thriving art scene. With free admission to all the galleries, it's an affordable way to experience some of the city's best culture and creativity.

21. Spend an Evening at Marina Barrage

Marina Barrage with Singapore Skyline

Spend an evening at Marina Barrage in Singapore and experience a unique blend of nature and urban cityscape. Located at the confluence of five rivers, across the Marina Channel between Marina East and Marina South, the Marina Barrage is a dam built to keep out seawater and create Singapore's 15th reservoir. The best way to explore the area is by strolling along the waterfront promenade. Enjoy stunning city skyline views as you take in the sights around you.

Marina Barrage Singapore

You'll find plenty of recreational activities as you walk, such as kayaking, dragon boating, cycling, and more. After your walk, head to the rooftop park for some spectacular views of downtown Singapore. Here you can enjoy lush greenery while admiring the modern architecture of this iconic landmark. The park also offers plenty of activities, such as picnicking, kite flying, and even yoga classes! Check out the light show at Marina Barrage's iconic fountain display at nightfall. This mesmerizing show features colorful lights that dance across the water in sync with the music.

These are just some of the many unique places to see and things to do in Singapore. You're sure to have a fantastic time in this vibrant city with so much to see and do.

Top 5 Day Trip Ideas from Singapore

The best way to see Singapore is by spending time in each of its unique neighborhoods. But if you're short on time, or if you just want to get out of the city for a day, there are several great day trip options from Singapore.

1. Luxury Kuala Lumpur & Malacca Tour

Petronas Towers, also known as Menara Petronas

Spend a day in Malaysia and explore two of its most popular cities, Kuala Lumpur and Malacca. Take a guided tour of both places and learn about the history and culture behind them. Some highlights include visits to popular attractions such as the Petronas Twin Towers, Masjid Jamek, and the Chinese Temple.

Batu cave in Kuala Lumpur

You can also enjoy shopping and sightseeing in Kuala Lumpur's Little India before heading to Malacca, where you can visit the ruins of St. Paul's Church and A'Famosa Fort.

2. 20th Century Theme Park and Kuala Lampur Tour

Sultan Abdul Samad Building in Kuala Lumpur

The 20th Century Theme Park is the perfect day trip from Singapore. This exciting theme park offers a variety of rides and attractions, including roller coasters, go-karts, and a 4D simulator. Once you're done having fun at the theme park, take a guided tour of Kuala Lumpur, where you can explore the city's history, culture, and attractions. You can also visit iconic sites such as Merdeka Square, National Mosque, and Petronas Towers. In the evening, head to the famous KL Tower and take in the stunning views of Kuala Lumpur.

3. Malacca Day Tour with River Cruise

A tourboat with Malay scholars is steaming on Malacca River

When in Malacca, take a scenic day trip along the Malacca River. Follow your guide as you explore the charming historical city and visit sites such as the Melaka Sultanate Palace and St. Paul's Church. After lunch, embark on a relaxing river cruise and take the beautiful sights of Malacca's mangrove forests and small fishing villages. After the cruise, you can visit some of the city's popular attractions, such as the Baba & Nyonya Heritage Museum, Jonker Street, and Malacca Straits Mosque.

4. Sentosa Island Half-Day Tour

View of Sentosa island in Singapore

Sentosa Island is the perfect day trip for visitors looking to experience Singapore's famous beach scene. Join a half-day tour and visit Sentosa Island's most popular attractions, such as Underwater World and Adventure Cove Waterpark. You can also enjoy the scenery of Palawan Beach and the Merlion, Singapore's iconic statue. After your tour, you can relax on the beach and enjoy Sentosa's stunning views. This is the perfect spot for a day of relaxation and fun. You can also enjoy some shopping and delicious local cuisine.

5. Singapore to Batam Tour

The Welcome to Batam monument on the hill is an iconic landmark of Batam Indonesia

Batam is just an hour away from Singapore and offers a great day trip. You can visit the Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall, Barelang Bridge, and Golden City Temple on this tour. You can also take a relaxing ferry to nearby Nongsa Beach and enjoy swimming or sunbathing. In the evening, indulge in a delicious seafood dinner and enjoy the stunning sunset views over the water. You can also go shopping for souvenirs and enjoy the lively nightlife of Batam.

Top 3 Hotels To Stay in Singapore

There are countless hotels in Singapore to choose from, but these are our top 3 picks:

1. The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore

Beige wall of Ritz Carlton hotel rooms

The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore is a luxurious hotel located in Marina Bay, with stunning views of the cityscape. Situated just 20 minutes from Changi International Airport, it's the perfect place to stay for those looking to explore all that Singapore has to offer. Some of the city's most popular attractions, like the Singapore Flyer, Merlion, ArtScience Museum, and Gardens by the Bay, are all within walking distance of the hotel. The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore offers beautifully appointed rooms and suites, as well as an elevated Club Lounge experience on level 32 with panoramic views of the city. Guests can enjoy award-winning dining at Colony and the one Michelin star Summer Pavilion or delicious cocktails, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner at Republic. The hotel also features a tranquil spa, an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by lush greenery, and a 4,200-piece museum-quality art collection.

2. Carlton Hotel Singapore

Carlton Hotel Singapore at Bras Basah Road

The Carlton Hotel is a 940-room hotel located in the heart of Singapore, minutes away from the city's busiest financial and convention centers. These include the Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, Singapore National Museum and major shopping belts in the Marina area as well as Orchard Road. The hotel is located just a short 5-minute walk from City Hall Interchange, Bras Basah, Esplanade, Bencoolen and Bugis MRT stations. Raffles City Shopping Centre is just opposite the hotel and Changi International Airport is a 20-minute drive away.

The hotel offers a variety of guest rooms and suites from 30sqm to 34sqm, with contemporary designs to suit your business and travel needs. For more upscale accommodation, stay in our Premier and Premier Club Rooms from 34sqm with full access to the Premier Club Lounge.

3. Hotel Yan Singapore

The Hotel YAN is a great place to stay whether you are in Singapore on business or for pleasure. The hotel offers a variety of facilities and services to make your stay comfortable, such as daily housekeeping, printer, taxi service, free Wi-Fi, and wheelchair-accessible rooms. Guestrooms are designed for comfort, with welcoming decor and convenient amenities like complimentary instant coffee, complimentary tea, free welcome drink, mirror, sewing kit, and toiletries. The hotel also offers a variety of recreational facilities and activities to make your stay enjoyable.

Top 5 Places To Eat in Singapore

Chinese Food Dinner

The diverse culture in Singapore lends itself to having so many great places to eat. You must stop at some of the many Hawker Centers where you'll find family-owned restaurants that have passed on traditional recipes for generations. A great place to start is by going on a tour by a local guide that will bring you to some of the best places to eat that you won't want to miss!

Here's 5 excellent restaurant options to try in Singapore:

1. Whitegrass Restaurant

Whitegrass is all about using fresh, seasonal ingredients to create refined dishes. Chef Takuya Yamashita, who has worked at award-winning French restaurants Etude and Les Enfants Rouges, as well as Michelin-starred Ciel et Sol, creates classic French fare with a modern twist on Japanese cuisine. His dishes are inspired by nature and are truly works of art.

Address: 30 Victoria St, #01-26/27 CHIJMES, Singapore 187996
Phone: +65 6837 0402
Visit their website here

2. Odette

This restaurant is headed by Julien Royer, a Michelin-starred chef from France. The restaurant offers a unique blend of traditional and modern cuisine, with each dish being artfully crafted and complex. The ingredients used are sourced from small producers around the world, ensuring that only the finest quality is used in the dishes. This results in a dining experience that is truly exceptional and delicious. With its innovative take on French cuisine, Odette is a restaurant that is definitely worth visiting.

Address: 1 St Andrew's Rd, #01-04 National Gallery, Singapore 178957
Phone: +65 6385 0498
Visit their website here

3. Nouri

The food at Nouri is a mix of international flavors, with influences from Asia and Brazil. This "crossroads cooking" is a unique blend of cultures that come together to create delicious dishes. Tasting menus might include acaraje, a pinto bean fritter served with a coconut and turmeric sauce reminiscent of Indian vada, with Thai yellow curry, or a tartar-like concoction of minced wagyu and kimchi. No matter what you order, you're sure to enjoy a flavorful and satisfying meal at Nouri.

Address: 72 Amoy St, Singapore 069891
Phone: +65 6221 4148
Visit their website here

4. Les Amis

Les Amis is a modern French restaurant that is well known for its refined and laidback cuisine. Chef Sebastien Lepinoy, who has worked under renowned French chef Joel Robuchon, creates seasonal dishes that are both original and inspired by classic French cuisine. Some of his most popular dishes include langoustine pastry, beef tartare with edible flowers, and Spanish-style stuffed baby squid. Les Amis is the perfect place for anyone who wants to enjoy delicious French food in a relaxed and private setting.

Address: 1 Scotts Rd, #01 - 16 Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208
Phone: +65 6733 2225
Visit their website here

5. The Feather Blade

This steakhouse is all about showcasing different cuts of beef that you may not be familiar with. The star of the show is the flat iron beef cut, which comes from the side of the shoulder. This steak is full of intense flavor and paired with dishes like the sinful potatoes (which are deep-fried in beef fat), it's sure to satisfy your hunger. And don't forget about the beef-inspired cocktails like bak kwa martini, made with beef jerky. Whether you're a meat-lover or not, this steakhouse is worth checking out for its unique offerings.

Address: 61 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088482
Visit their website here

Final Thoughts

Aerial view of Marina Bay with CBD, Singapore at night

Singapore is a melting pot of cultures and this is reflected in the food, architecture, and attractions. There are so many places to visit in Singapore that it can be hard to decide where to go first. From Chinatown to the sleek Gardens by the Bay, there's something for everyone in this vibrant city-state. Whenever you visit, be sure to check out some of these amazing places.

Happy Travels!

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