Travel Guide to Niagara Falls, Canada

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Niagara Falls is a beautiful city in Canada, located at the well-known waterfalls that are its namesake. Niagara Falls is a natural wonder that offers awe-inspiring scenery and is considered one of the most popular waterfalls in the entire world. Millions of tourists all around the world love it for over 200 years.

Besides marveling at the breathtaking views of the waterfalls, the tourist area near Niagara Falls also offers so many other amazing things you cannot even imagine! Which includes high-rise hotels, observation towers, indoor water parks, souvenir shops, museums, theatres, and casinos mostly covered with the blanket of colorful and vibrant advertisements and neon billboards.

Whereas you can also visit parks, golf courses, residential neighborhoods, and historic sites from the 'War of 1812', in other parts of the city.



Niagara Falls is thousands of years old, and many things changed around it since the rerouting of Niagara River by 'Wisconsin Glacier'. This place turned into a flamboyant location with a multifaceted and lively community, because of the efforts of several groups including British traders, Iroquois nations, settlers, and trackers, and finally none other than numerous tourists and modern Canadians.

If you are keen to dig more about the history and culture of this 'easy-on-the-eye' tourist destination, visit multiple museums and sites including "The Niagara Falls Public Library", "Old Fort Erie", "Niagara Falls History Museum" etc. that offers the wide information about the past as well as current life around the Niagara Falls.

Hence, by visiting these amazing places, you will get to know about the foundation and development of the city of Niagara Falls as well as gain knowledge about the early days of this place.


Niagara River is a 58 kilometers long channel that links 'Lake Ontario' and 'Lake Erie', and the difference of elevation between these two lakes is approximately 99 meters.

Three different waterfalls made Niagara Falls including American Falls, Horseshoe Falls (or Canadian Falls), and Bridal Veil Falls. Additionally, as per the records of the World Waterfall Database, the average width of all waterfalls altogether is 1,204 m (3,950 feet).

From the Niagara River, the Niagara landmass expands 100 kilometers both in the east and west direction. Furthermore, according to some research, Niagara Falls may be the most rapidly moving waterfall in the whole world.


English or French are the two official languages spoken by the residents of Niagara Falls. In addition, in comparison to Ontario, Niagara has the majority of individuals whose first language has always been English, and less proportion of individuals do not consider either English or French as their official language.


If you are traveling to Niagara Falls for the first time then it is better to know what currency is accepted there, to avoid money exchange issues. Canadian Dollar is the primary currency used in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Most importantly, Canadian currency will be required at vending machines, parking meters, and anything that accepts deposit of coins only.

Electric current

Adequate voltage is provided at hotels in Niagara through which you can easily charge your mobile phones and other gadgets. 220 volts is offered at most of the hotels in Niagara Falls, and some of the hotels provide 110 volts. Therefore, you are free to use your regular plugs and chargers.


You will get free Wi-Fi at almost every hotel in Niagara Falls, and the majority of tourists do get satisfied with the fast internet speed. Even if you are looking for a cheap or inexpensive hotel, then there also you will surely get good internet services. However, in embassy or VIP suites you may get charged for the Wi-Fi in some hotels.

Public bathroom

There are many public bathrooms in Niagara Falls, but due to the Covid situation, you will find just a handful of them. We have heard some of the public washrooms like the one at 'Niagara-on-the-Lake, are reopening again, so all the tourists out there planning to visit Niagara can take a sigh of relief.


You can take a ride on a Public 'transit' bus system "WeGo", which runs 7 days a week that links tourist attractions and accommodations throughout the city. For that, you have to purchase passes, which costs $6 per child and $9 per adult for 24 hours. Whereas, for 48 hours the cost will be $10/child and $13/adult.
Moreover, if you want a hassle-free ride to or from the Niagara District Airport, then you can book a private car also such as SUV, Sedan, or a van according to your feasibility and depending on how many persons you are traveling.

If you want to explore Niagara Falls in a more adventurous way then you can rent an e-Bike, take a helicopter tour, book a chartered plane, or see the best sights of Niagara Falls by getting on a Maid-of-the-Mist cruise. Hence, these are some major means of transportation in Niagara.

As a tourist attraction

The prime location of Niagara Falls, Ontario has made it one of the biggest tourist attractions to visit in Canada. The city has a brilliant atmosphere with an evident appealing ambiance, which is completely appropriate for families.

You will have fun at Niagara Falls, as there is a bundle of enjoyable things to do here including tours, rides, and adrenaline rush activities.

You can also plan a romantic getaway with your partner and indulge yourself in doing romantic things such as soaking in the exquisite views of the waterfalls, sitting by the fire, and having a relaxing time over a delicious meal.

Best time to visit

There is no specified time to visit Niagara Falls, Ontario as every season has its benefits for the tourists coming from around the world and offers different kinds of activities every season.

Like summer is the peak season and Niagara welcomes countless tourists and every corner of the city is full of hustle and bustle. However, you will find Niagara less touristy in the spring season than in summer. If you are planning an inexpensive trip, then fall is the best season for you as hotel fares get reduced and tours and attractions' prices also get low.

Visa info

Foreigners do require a visa to visit Niagara Falls, but now tourists from most countries are free from this kind of requirement under the visa waiver program of Canada that eased down international travel for the citizens to a greater extent and there are some countries, which lies under this agreement including UK, Poland, France, Greece, Japan and many more. However, anyone traveling from the country outside this list might have to get a temporary Canadian resident visa.

Because such visas are offered to those only who are visiting the country for tourism, and for this purpose, they have to answer several questions.

Health insurance

If you are traveling to Niagara Falls, Ontario from overseas then yes, it is necessary to get health insurance or you can say travel insurance and visitors insurance, which you have to purchase before traveling to Niagara to protect yourself from any unexpected occurrence of injuries, illnesses, or accidents during your trip.

It will help cover not only any unanticipated injuries or illnesses, but you will also get help in recovering situations like loss of luggage, financial losses occurring due to emergency medical expenses, rental car coverage, flight delays, etc.

However, there are several health coverages options, which you can choose according to your budget and requirements. Talking about the cost of travel insurance, then there is no fixed amount as it significantly varies depending upon the duration of stay, visa requirements, and health conditions.
Therefore, we highly recommend you purchase 'Visitor's Medical Insurance' while planning your trip to Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Average travel budget

While planning your trip to Niagara Falls, you must have a budget of spending $106 per day, and please note that this average daily cost is based on the expenses done by other visitors. According to the travel history of other past travelers, for one day an average expenditure on meals was $24, whereas on local transportation they spent $14.

Moreover, if you are traveling with your partner, then the average hotel cost in Niagara Falls will be $128, which means that the estimated trip to Niagara for a couple will approximately cost $1477 for one week.
Nevertheless, the above-mentioned average travel costs information has been gathered from other travelers to help you in planning your average travel budget. In addition, for activities like tours of the city and dining, we recommend you plan your budget from $40 to $57 per individual per day for eating in local restaurants and transportation.

Top things to do in top destinations

1. Go to Skylon Tower

One of the top tourist spots in Niagara Falls is the amazing Skylon Tower, above the falls at a height of 235 meters or more. The Skylon Tower offers you the opportunity of seeing the spectacular sights of Niagara Falls, the whole city as well as the Niagara Escarpment.

You will find both indoor and outdoor observation areas and two restaurants serving delicious food, which is enough to keep you hooked to this astonishing place. If you are very much into photography, then this is your go-to place, from where you can capture and enjoy panoramic views of the falls.

2. Niagara Skywheel

Niagara Skywheel, one of the newly discovered tourist attractions at Niagara Falls is the biggest 'observation wheel' in Canada with a height of 175 feet.

It remains open the whole year and the duration of the ride is 8 to 12 minutes the best time to visit the Skywheel is at night when you can witness the vibrant city lights and illumination of Niagara Falls in different colors.

Concisely, the ride on Niagara Skywheel gives tourists a marvelous bird's eye view of the magnificent natural wonder from the stance of climate-controlled gondolas.

3. Niagara River

Niagara River is another best tourist spot, which flows towards the north side from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario. Here you can embark on an adventurous journey by taking a ride on the 'Whirlpool Aero Car', an ancient cable car, operating since 1916.

The trip on this cable car lasts for 10 minutes over a portion of Niagara River, from where you can see a spectacular view of powerful currents below rippling around a huge whirlpool.

However, this Whirlpool Aero Cable Car travels 1 kilometer approximately, starting from one end of the gorge to another, and has the capacity of holding a total of 35 people on each trip.

4. Visit Clifton Hill

Clifton Hill also called, Niagara's Street of fun, is a part of the tourist attraction of Niagara Falls' town, which offers a joyful environment. This attraction makes your way through many amazing other attractions such as restaurants, Niagara Speedway, Niagara Skywheel, and other family-friendly attractions that offer thrilling activities.

This place is worth visiting, as here you will find several shops selling cotton candy, ice cream, fudge, and other yummy scrummy treats. Moreover, you can take your kids to Dinosaur Adventure Golf, and you can visit other amazing places like Movieland Wax Museum or enjoy playing fun games at Great Canadian Midway.

5. Spend some time at Niagara Parkway

The Niagara Parkway is a picturesque road in the Ontario province, which runs on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls from Fort Erie town to Niagara-on-the-Lake. Along the road, you will find green spaces and wonderful parks, which offer numerous compelling views where tourists can stop and relax for a while.
Whirlpool Rapids, Butterfly Conservatory, and Floral Clock are some of the most famous traits you will see along the Niagara Parkway. Furthermore, you can also do activities like strolling and biking around the pathway alongside the Parkway. This place is worth visiting, as here you can look for many other attractions to visit.

6. Have fun at Niagara-on-the-Lake

Niagara-on-the-Lake is another pretty and best tourist attraction, which is just a short drive away from Niagara Falls. If you are looking for something adventurous, then here you can get on a jet boat ride by booking your trip with Whirlpool jet Boat Tours.

You have to hop on an open boat to enjoy this thrilling ride if you are traveling in summer, whereas in spring and fall, the boats are usually covered.

Apart from having fun during this ride, you can also gain some useful information regarding the history as well as the geology of the area.

7. Explore the Bird kingdom

The Bird Kingdom is an amazing place to visit, which is the biggest free-flying indoor bird sanctuary in the world. If you are seeking a good indoor activity while visiting Niagara Falls in the winter season, then this is the best option for you, especially if you truly love birds.

Here you will be surrounded and accompanied by different kinds of colorful tropical birds while walking along the paths. You can also interact with the wildlife and feed them with the help of 'Animal Encounters'. You cannot stop yourself here from taking amazing pictures of such charming creatures.

8. Visit Niagara Speedway

Niagara Speedway is absolutely a fun place to visit, where you can enjoy yourself with your family. This tourist attraction is located at the top of Clifton hill and offers activities like go-kart racing in a new way.
The track for this ride is designed in a roller-coaster style, which is different from traditional flat courses used for go-karting. Hence, such an innovative track allows you to take a ride on a spiral kind of ramp.
However, this track is considered the biggest among other similar tracks in Canada, and go-karts are both single and double seater.

9. Relax at Queen Victoria Park

After an exciting tour of the falls, you may get tired and want to relax at some calm and peaceful place. In this case, Queen Victoria Park is the right place for you, as it offers plenty of space to relax, enjoy the display of beautiful gardens and display of seasonal flowers.

You can also attend some special events including the New Year's Eve concert, the Winter Festival of Lights, or Canada Day. From here, you can also explore the scenic beauty of the Dufferin Islands which are manmade and connected by several footbridges.

10. Explore Inniskillin Winery

Apart from the falls, the city of Niagara Falls is also known for wine, and if you have some time left here, then do visit the Inniskillin Wines, which is situated in Niagara-on-the-Lake. This winery is known for its mouth-watering ice wine.

This place is highly recommended by many tourists, even if you are not into drinking wines, you should visit this amazing tourist attraction at least once. Inniskillin can get a bit touristy as well since it is a famous spot for tour buses.

Top restaurants

1. The Flour Mill Scratch Kitchen Restaurant

Flour Mill Restaurant located in of the oldest buildings in Niagara Falls is a necessary place to visit in Niagara, especially for those who crave a fine dining experience.

In addition, regarded as one of the top boutique hotels in Niagara Falls, the Flour Mill Restaurant beautifully has combined the wood and stone ambiance, which gives a romantic touch to this place.
Here you can have comfortable and a perfect dining experience with your loved ones, as this restaurant highly focuses on quality ingredients and diligent preparation of cuisine. The dishes are made-to-order from good and fresh ingredients.

2. Queen Charlotte Tea Room

Queen Charlotte Tea Room offers a touch of the British environment, which is the best choice for people searching for a perfect hi-tea experience in the city of Niagara Falls. The tearoom offers a British style of dining amazingly and the menu itself is so delish, which includes bangers and mash, Yorkshire pudding, fish and chips, and steak and kidney pie.

They offer such tasty tea you could have ever had in your life. So, nothing can be better than enjoying your afternoon in Niagara Falls while sipping a broad variety of teas including specialty tea and loose-leaf tea.

3. AG Inspired Cuisine

The state-of-the-art menu of AG Inspired Cuisine strongly focuses on serving farm-to-table dishes, which makes it a perfect place to dine out. The restaurant is situated in Sterling Inn and Spa's basement in Niagara Falls, whose majority of the ingredients come from AG farms directly and are carried straight to the kitchen every morning.

Undoubtedly, the restaurant is best in services, local wines, and innovative cooking in the whole city. Moreover, Chef Cory Linkson lays down his expertise when it comes to techniques of French cooking and never fails in serving plates filled with mouth-watering cuisine.

4. Weinkeller

If you are a true wine lover, then you should visit Weinkeller restaurant, where six wines are directly created including three white ones and three red ones. Nevertheless, each of the wines is well designed to combine well with seasonal dishes present on the menu that are made from local and high-quality ingredients.

Apart from its delicious food, the best thing about this restaurant is they provide a customized menu that allows you to select the preparation style of anything you order.

Hence, all of these attributes make this restaurant a favorite of every other tourist among other restaurants in Niagara Fall.

5. Tide & Wine

Tide & Wine offers the best oysters in whole Niagara Falls. They serve delicious oysters with other yummy dishes with a local wine that can give your taste buds a unique pleasure.

Everything provided on the menu was only cooked in the kitchen including the Chef's specialties such as lobster rolls and seafood chowder perfectly paired with their signature dishes of oysters including scotch bonnet hot sauce and mignonette.

The environment of this restaurant is a little bit cozy and with an availability of only 24 seats.


In short, Niagara Falls, Ontario exemplifies a perfect holiday destination where you can make countless beautiful memories. The marvelous tourist destinations, jaw-dropping sights of the waterfalls, adventurous activities, delish cuisine, calm environment, and beautiful culture, all attract you to visit this incredible place. We hope this guide helps you in every way and makes you more familiar with this place. It is your time to take a short break from the daily hassles of life and explore one of the best tourist destinations in Canada.

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