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Is Traveluro Legit? Check Out What We Found!

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In our opinion, the short answer is no, but read on for our reasoning.

Traveluro is a hotel-booking service that provides travelers with access to discounted hotel rooms. The service operates through an easy-to-use online platform. They promise their customers 24/7 customer support in six languages and a quick response time for booking requests.

They don't charge a fee for booking, and they say that the price you see is the price you'll pay. Traveluro claims to provide only the best price on the hotel deals for your vacation. Can you get a reasonable price with this service, and is it as easy as they claim? First, let's go over some of the red flags you may notice as you do a google search or explore their website.


1. Unrealistic Prices

Huge Discounts

One of the most common red flags is a price that seems too good to be true. For example, why would a hotel room only cost $20 per night when they typically go for over $100 per night? It simply makes no sense how they can reasonably offer these prices for customers!

If you're not a seasoned traveler, then it's easy to be caught up in the excitement of finding such a fantastic deal. You may even end up booking that type of hotel thinking that you've found the perfect place for your vacation at less than half the price.

However, if you do a little digging, you'll find out that such a deal is nothing more than a hoax. If you pull up the customer reviews on their website (which we will cover below), you'll see that the reviews are of the individual hotels and none about Traveluro's actual service. This is extremely concerning because you'd think that the reviews would be about their service since that's what they offer.

2. A Relatively Simple Website

Travel agency concept on laptop and smartphone screen

The website is exceptionally simplistic, and there's nothing much in the way of helpful information. There are a few pictures, but they look rudimentary. They also don't provide any easily accessible contact information.

Usually, travel websites have detailed blogs, reviews, and information about deals on the home page. Unfortunately, this site has none of these features. You don't even have a way to directly contact them if you want to ask any questions about bookings.

3. No About Us Section

About Us Section on Website

Usually, online-based travel agencies have an "about us" section to inform their customers about who they are and what they do. This provides information on the company and allows potential customers to get a feel for who they are and what they are dealing with. However, this website has no such section on their site. That should be a huge red flag since all reputable agencies take the time to inform their customers about who they are and what they do.

The only information about the company's background is buried in the website's footer, where it says that it's a copyright of Holisto Ltd. The parent company appears to be based in Israel. Again, the parent company website has no information and says "coming soon."

4. Poor Reviews

Two collegueas looking at the tablet

Although Traveluro's website claims that they offer 24/7 customer support in six languages, there are no customer reviews on the site. Searching for their name on Google will lead to a handful of customer reviews that claim that they were scammed out of their money.

They claimed to have spent $1,000 for a hotel room, and it wasn't even a high-quality hotel. Their customer service department ignored them and never refunded their money.

Upon further searching, we also found that there are accusations that Traveluro is a scam website. Many people claimed to have done as much as they could to try and contact the company, but there was no response.

Some people claimed that their booking was canceled at the last minute and transferred to another low-quality hotel, while others said that they got a terrible room when they arrived at their destination. 

5. Canceling or Modification is not allowed

Angry student looking at laptop on a desk at home

When dealing with a reputable travel agency, they always allow their customers to cancel or modify an existing booking. This is an incredibly competitive industry, and brands care about building trust and loyal customers.

However, Traveluro is not one of these companies. They don't allow you to cancel or modify your reservation after it's been made. However, they have claimed on their website that you can get in touch with their customer care team through email, and they will help you in whatever capacity they can. Their customer reviews suggest otherwise. Either the customer care team doesn't respond or they tell you that your reservation cannot be altered. This is a huge red flag and proves that this website is most likely not legitimate.

Conclusion about Traveluro

Scams in the WWW

Although Traveluro might seem like an attractive option to book cheap hotels for your upcoming vacation because it looks very official, you need to note that this company is probably not reputable.

We recommend trying a different service provider with a long history, better transparency, and well-known brands, such as,, or There are also numerous accusations from customers through popular forums like Reddit that this company is a scam. Therefore, we strongly advise you to book with a reputable agency and avoid Traveluro at all costs!

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