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A Brief Message About Our Favorite Charity: Pencils of Promise

Are you looking to make a bigger impact by donating to a credible, life-changing charity?

The world is full of passionate, talented young people that don’t have access to a decent education. We’re on a mission to change that, and we want you onboard.

It’s time to stop looking at those ahead of you and start looking at those way behind you!

We live in a fast, ruthless world that always makes us feel like we’re always in competition with each other. It forces us to break our backs by working hard, always wanting more, and always feeling like what we already have is nothing compared to what the people ahead of us have.

But from someone else’s perspective, your “not enough” life is the far-fetched dream they wish to live someday!

The home you grew up in, the car you drive every day, the school you went to, and the peaceful neighborhood you live in are all nothing special to you… but, to someone else, they’re all they ever dream of having.

Now, imagine if you didn’t have the right to do the thing we take for granted the most…

According to UNESCO, 236 million children don’t have the means to get the proper education they deserve. What if you were born to be among these children? What if you had to sit there every day watching your own children grow up with a passion for learning and nowhere to nurture it?

Because these kids aren’t just statistics, they’re real people with real lives.

And we’re lucky enough not to be one of them, but it’s our responsibility to change their lives. This is why Pencils of Promise was created. Since 2008, Pencils of Promise has been helping students in underdeveloped countries and all around the world get the education they deserve through building schools, creating education infrastructure, training teachers, and much more. 

They have educated over 100,000 students, built over 550 schools, trained more than 2500 teachers, and helped 25,000 students by giving them clean water, clean living environments, and clean schools to learn in.

We’ve been avid supporters of Pencils of Promise for years now, and want you to help!

We have always wanted to donate to charity but didn’t know who to trust or which is the right one for us. This changed when we found Pencils of Promise, as they are a fully-registered non-profit in the USA and have all the documentation required to prove their credibility. 

Their work is real: you can visit the schools they built yourself and see how they’re changing young people’s lives not only for now but for generations to come. They focus on sustainability and keeping their projects functional for decades to come and changing those communities by putting more educated people in charge and influencing positive impact.

We trust them, and we believe you can make a difference.

No matter how big or small you think your donation is, every dollar matters.

You can be the reason for changing an entire family’s life by giving these children a proper education. Please take the time to visit Pencils of Promise’s website to learn more about their global efforts. We thank you in advance, but we promise the smile you’ll put on these kids’ faces will be brighter than any word we can type.